First Things First: “What Matters Most?”

Since this is the first post for my shiny new blog, I’ve been thinking a lot about “What matters most?” Of course, we can’t name just one thing. Our unique circumstances and priorities are what matters. I narrowed my answer down to three things: Family…Home…Planet. These lofty subjects are so intertwined. For me, they create the makings of a lifestyle. What matters most is how they ground and sustain us. Family, home and planet form the foundation from which we grow, connect and build healthy econests. Here are some images that say econesting to me. Family

Our families are timeless, and moments in time. This picture is of my dad and daughter at my uncle’s house. I can’t remember the summery occasion, but it was an eclectic moment of creativity, balance, beauty and patience (he had a way with crying babies). The perfect mix of old and new.


It's summer, and these calm and breezy images say econesting to me. If I can't live right smack dab in a natural environment with beautiful things, maybe this house by a lake will do? A girl can dream, right?


I’ve had this photo pinned on my inspiration board since I developed the econesting name a few years ago. The elegant connectedness of changeable beauty, and the fragility of nature's resources says planet to me. The nest may be empty, but wouldn't you love to spend some time there?

There you go, these three things matter to me. It’s funny; sometimes I post three or four articles a day, as you’ll see as I continue to update the links to my Care2 and Planet Green articles into the archives. But, this first post for econesting came slower. I wrote it with a different intention. That was immensely satisfying. My hope is to continue to inspire and share musings about subjects that matter to us. What matters most to you?

Image credits: Beach: Day via The Style Files, Lake House: ChicTip, Northern Oriole Nest: Richard Barns via House and Garden