A Niche, A Knack and A Note

A Niche And A Knack The blogosphere is a curious place. Most bloggers happily tap away at their computers all day. People often ask me how I do it. My stock answer is, "I have a niche and a knack." I also have a Herman Miller Aeron Chair that supports my back, and a husband who watches it (spamers beware). The blogs I find most inspiring and click-worthy have two qualities - a niche and a knack. Great bloggers share their passion (niche), and their interactions with readers flow in a naturally upbeat manner (knack). Aesthetically appealing blog images don’t hurt either. A while back, I wrote an in depth article about blogging. You can read it here.

A Thank You Note

Being a blogger doesn't come with an expense account, but it has some perks – books to review, products to try out, interviews with stimulating people, being able to work in your pajamas, and sometimes a chance to review and visit an eco-resort in Jamaica. I am definitely following up on that last one.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet and interview author, Dominique Browning. She is someone I came to admire when she was the editor of House and Garden magazine. Her latest book, Slow Love was delivered by my friendly UPS guy who said to me (again), “What do you do with all these books?” Well, this one I devoured. You can read my review and interview with Dominique here.

Here's how the blogosphere can work its magic: I was elated to see a recent post on Dominique’s, Slow Love Life blog, titled: Knit A Market Bag. It includes a link to my DIY Knitted Shopping Bag post. I can thank Dominique by asking you to check out her lovely blog. I think you’ll find that she has a niche and a knack worth signing up for.

Main Credit: Michael Maslin