5 DIY Rugs

Have you ever seen a tag on a carpet that said it contained “unknown man-made fibers?” Are you scared of the “unknown?” If it’s hanging off a carpet or rug, maybe you should be. “Unknown” carpet or rug fibers are generally made from a cocktail of synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, or polypropylene. These fibers may be treated with fire retardants, anti-static treatments, fungicides, dye and adhesives made of VOC's. Carpets are backed with polyurethane, synthetic latex, or PVC. Take a whiff. You can even smell the chemical odors of new carpets and rugs wafting up from the floor when you bring one home.

Don’t want to lay down the bucks for a new carpet? Then make your own rugs. While I love the look of wood, bamboo or cork floors, nothing cozies up a room like a rug. Small rugs can even transform into mini-versions of carpet when put together. Check out these 5 DIY rugs: CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Credit: Home Workshop